While You Were Sleeping

Credit card sync pairs transactions with your receipt photos

Capturing expenses shouldn’t be difficult. Wouldn’t it be wonderful to just snap a photo of your receipt and call it a day?

Credit card sync technology allows you to do just that. Snap a photo of your business expenses and input the total amount. Then, while you sleep, your credit card transactions are imported into your inbox. Any transactions that belong to your business expenses will magically pair with the receipt photos you’ve taken.

Paired credit card transactions are automatically categorized. As you and your co-workers pair more expenses the system gets smarter, saving you even more time. And when it comes to budgets and expenses, it doesn’t hurt to save time.

Currently, it takes employees 20 minutes on average to complete a paper expense report; 19% of expense reports are returned for errors and it takes an additional 18 minutes to correct the report. That’s up to 38 minutes to complete a single expense report! And that’s probably going to take a lot longer if you lost any of your receipts (source: GBTA).

Credit card sync changes all of that. You can snap a receipt on the go and let the transaction pairing technology do the heavy lifting – and assign all your expense details – overnight. No more lost receipts, and no more wasted time.

Setting up credit card sync in TravelBank

It’s easy to add credit card expenses to your budgets in TravelBank. Open your inbox to add your first credit card and start importing transactions or learn more about adding expenses with credit card sync.

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