Going Global with Currency Conversion

Tracking expenses should be simple, no matter where your job takes you, which is why we’re so excited about new currency conversion feature. It makes tracking expenses on-the-go a snap for international business travelers.

Now when employees travel for international business, they can add expenses in more than 150 currencies and they will automatically convert to US dollars.

Expense reports can be a pain for international travelers because currency conversion rates are constantly changing. TravelBank makes it easy to get reimbursed for the exact amount you paid.

To capture cash transactions, simply snap a photo of your receipt and TravelBank records the conversion rate based on the day the expense happened.

With credit card transactions, TravelBank lets you easily match your credit card transactions to the correct receipt for an accurate conversion. The amount charged to you by your credit card will be the amount you’re reimbursed.

For companies with business abroad, the cost of international travel adds up fast. Flights are more expensive and the stays are generally longer, meaning a bigger hotel bill and more daily expenses. Saving money on these international trips can cut down on a hefty portion of T&E spend.

To save money on international trips, travelers need a budget that sets the bar on how much they should spend, incentives for saving and an expense tracking tool that can handle currency conversions.

Learn more about this feature in our support article about Languages & Currency.

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