TravelBank Joins Other Companies to Advocate for Better Data as Economy and Travel Reopen

The spread of COVID-19 brought business and travel to a near standstill. While our country is working hard to reopen, the ramifications of this pandemic continue to echo through the economy.

During these tough times, the business travel industry’s forward-thinking travel management companies are innovating towards a safer and stronger future for business travel, together.

We are joining digital travel management companies TripActions and Upside Business Travel to lobby Congress to invest and support a national COVID-19 data program, including coordinated testing and tracing across communities, to rebuild confidence and promote safe, informed economic recovery. Working together will help us to prevent further spread of COVID-19. The focus will be to ask Congress for:

These are challenging times, and it’s important that we work together on testing, contact tracing and sharing data to prevent further spread. It’s important that businesses in the business travel sector and other industries have a chance to recover from these difficult times and pursuing these initiatives will help us all to come back stronger than ever.

Read the full letter to Congress here.