TravelBank Extends Expense Footprint with Upside Business Travel Partnership

As the travel industry struggles from the impact of COVID-19, there’s a lingering demand for an all-in-one expense and travel solution. TravelBank is leading the charge by providing both and starting today, Upside Business Travel and TravelBank are partnering to provide Upside clients with an expense product and enhance visibility into their business spend.

What does this mean for Upside clients?

This partnership will provide Upside clients with access to TravelBank’s expense management platform subscription, which automates expense reports, offers one-tap approvals, and provides visibility into business spend. Upside clients will continue to book travel through Upside’s travel platform and upon selecting expenses they’ll be prompted to enroll on TravelBank’s platform.

The offering will evolve over time as the TravelBank expense solution continues to address the new administrative challenges involved in managing corporate spend, such as reconciling unused airline ticket balances and supporting contactless payments with virtual cards. Upside clients will also be able to create custom expense policies and access exclusive deals in the TravelBank Marketplace for the resources they need to feel productive and healthy while they work at home, both of which are new offerings we introduced in April as part of our work home home policy.

TravelBank admin controls for adding new custom fields to expense tracking

How is TravelBank helping Upside clients?

Upside clients will now have more visibility and control into their business spend, along with 24/7 support. Since these are such trying and unpredictable times, companies are having to reimagine what the future of travel looks like for their employees. This entails making sure that travelers have access to the most comprehensive solutions for when they do have to take a business trip.

TravelBank expenses view on the desktop app

Our focus and investment in continuing to build a more robust expense solution—one that is helping businesses make data-backed financial decisions as they seek to manage and control their travel spend today and in the future—is yet another way in which we’re leading the all-in-one solutions that combines travel and expenses.