Introducing Expense Allocation and Multi-Stop Mileage

Tracking expenses isn’t always as cut and dry as you’d like it to be. Sometimes an expense may be incurred across multiple departments. Other times, business travel involves hitting the road more than hitting the sky, resulting in multi-stop mileage trips that don’t produce one neat receipt like a roundtrip airfare ticket would.

We understand that, and want to make tracking every kind of expense intuitive and simple for your team. In this latest release, TravelBank has been updated to support expense allocation and multi-stop mileage tracking.

Allocate Expenses

We know your finance team cares about the requirements and quality of data being collected for expenses, and need to track expenses across multiple departments to ensure accuracy of cost allocation.

Allocate a percentage of your expense towards specific departments.

With our new feature for allocating expenses, employees can easily allocate each expense to a specific department through custom fields. When multiple projects are selected, users can split the expense by percentage or dollar amount.

View two allocations made for this business expense.

Managers will be able to review employee’s breakdown of expense costs to validate that the correct assignments were used. This goes a step further than itemizing expenses by expense category and adds another layer of valuable information for your finance team.

Track Mileage

We’ve made it simple to track and process mileage reimbursement accurately when business travel involves hitting multiple stops on the road.

Employees that go on trips can track one stop or many using our automatic mileage calculator. Once the destination points have been entered, they can be reordered and saved, and then a map of the route is generated so employees can verify the route that the calculator is using to determine mileage.

The approval flow for mileage reimbursement is the same whether the trip involves multiple stops or a single destination to keep the experience simple for reviewing admin and managers.