TravelBank Adds New Additional ERP Integrations and Delegation Features to Support Admins

In today’s lean operations, we understand that busy administrators are tasked to do more at a faster speed with likely fewer resources.

TravelBank also understands how mission critical it is for deadline-driven finance teams to have accurate and timely information, so our customers can spend less time on onerous tasks like reconciling data, chasing down expense receipts, and tracking employee safety during business trips.

Our latest release includes three core feature updates to support our admin users to be more efficient, and to free them up to focus their attention on business-building projects.

Enhanced Enterprise Resource Planning (ERP) Support

Forecasting and maintaining accurate financial records is the core foundation of any business, so we understand how critical it is for your expense management platform to easily send data to your ERP system.

ERP logos

TravelBank already maintains a number of direct integrations with some of the most popular general ledger and ERP systems such as Netsuite, QuickBooks, Xero and more. Sometimes clients use myriad and unique ERPs in line with their business needs, so TravelBank can now support connecting with any ERP. This will save your team hours of time downloading, formatting and importing data into your ERP. More importantly, by minimizing manual entry and work, it ensures data accuracy.

Our customers will be provided the technical support to enable a secure file transfer delivery between your ERP and our platform. This option allows your team to securely send data between TravelBank and your ERP through regular file transfers. For our customers who need data in real time, we are happy to assist your IT team in building a direct integration between your ERP and our platform.

Delegate Users

Our new Delegate Users feature allows admin users the ability to give executive assistants, travel coordinators, or any other authorized employees access to specific accounts that the delegates support. Only admins can enable this feature through the admin permission settings, thus ensuring security for the organization, while still enabling assistants and delegates the access they need to complete important tasks for the executives they support.

TravelBank delegate user settings within the app

For time-strapped executives, Delegate Users will supercharge your assistants’ effectiveness by enabling them to complete tasks on your behalf. TravelBank takes our customers’ security and data protection very seriously, so this Delegate feature is done in a hosted environment to maximize your security protection. This means you do not even need to share your password, ensuring that your login information stays secure and confidential.

You can even assign more than one Delegate User to a host, and remove Delegate Users at any time as well. To learn more about assigning delegates, read our FAQ guide.

Traveler Tracker

Based on our data insights, we are encouraged to see signs that business travel is poised to make a significant recovery this year. However, we also recognize that the business travel practices will look different. TravelBank stands ready to support our customers as they begin resuming business travel safely.

The travel tracker in TravelBank travel platform

Duty of care and oversight is pivotal to any travel program relaunching safely and successfully. To support the safety and wellbeing of our customers and their employees, TravelBank now offers admin users a Travel Tracker dashboard for maximum oversight within the platform. Our dashboard will show all of your company’s active travelers on a map and makes it easy to call up their trip details on the same screen. Your team can see all travelers in transit that day, including international trips. Furthermore, managers are able to view the travelers within their department. If any employee needs help changing their plans, they can access our dedicated expert travel agents 24/7 through email, chat and phone.