6 Ways to Track and Manage Company Expenses More Efficiently

This month, we’ve added six new feature updates to help your team track and manage company expenses more efficiently. From updating host and delegate users via bulk upload to quickly navigating through the details of an expense report with fewer clicks, we’ve made sure expense management is simple for your finance team and employees alike.

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Bulk Add, Find, and Manage Hosts & Delegates with Ease

It’s now easier than ever to add and make edits to your existing host and delegate users. Take bulk actions like adding multiple hosts and delegates at the same time, quickly find individuals and see their assignments with our new search functionality, and gain access to our host and delegates list through reporting in Premium Insights.

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View and Retrieve Transactions Paired to an Expense

We have added a Transaction History tab within My Cards so employees can view a list of their paired transactions and click to see the expense each one is paired to. Paired transactions will be available in the Transaction History tab for up to 60 days.

Expenses paired to a transaction also have a new look. The previous lightning bolt icon has been replaced with a link icon for a more universal and literal meaning.


Pagination on Reports Expense Details

Reviewing and approving expense reports can be a tedious and time-consuming task for your company admin. To make the job easier, we’ve added quick navigation so that reviewers/approvers can move back and forward from one expense to the next within a report. We also added a “Back to Report” button, to easily return to the main view of that report.


Refund to Company

Refunds happen. With our latest update, employees can submit expenses with a negative dollar amount within TravelBank to account for refunds received for previously submitted expenses. This update helps your accounting team track refunded transactions and expenses within the TravelBank dashboard for faster reconciliation.

Multi-select Expenses for Report Submission on iOS

Employees can now decide which expenses they want to submit, and which they’d like to leave for the next report. Upon tapping or clicking submit, employees can review a list of their current expenses and uncheck any they aren’t ready to be submitted. Currently, this feature is available in the app on web and iOS. It will be available soon for Android.


Receipt Forwarding and Expense Management Integration for Brex Users

We’ve made it incredibly simple for employees to forward their receipts to your Brex Expense Management integration. The Brex integration, found under Company Settings, has been updated so that when toggled on, all expenses saved by your employees to TravelBank will automatically be forwarded to receipts@brex.com, adding them to your Brex Expense Management instance. This feature is available in the app on web now, and can be found under Company Settings. It will be available soon on iOS and Android.