Expense Feature Updates for Increased Ease of Use

Restore Expenses, View Transaction History, and See General Ledger Syncing Status for Increased Ease of Use


TravelBank users can now enjoy more insight and flexibility when tracking expenses and card transactions. We’ve also added additional features to help your organization troubleshoot errors and keep spend data flowing between TravelBank and your general ledger.

Restore Expenses

We have added a “Deleted” tab on the expense list so you can view deleted expenses before they are removed permanently. Accidentally delete an expense? You can restore it. To do so, navigate to the “Deleted” tab, select the expense you’d like to restore, click “Restore Expenses,” and your expense will be added back to the “Active” expense list for continued editing and submission.

View Paired Transactions in a List

My Cards transaction history tab


Have you synced your credit card with TravelBank yet? When you do, it’s easy to assign transactions to an expense list or let TravelBank automatically pair your transaction details with expenses for faster tracking. And now, with the latest update you can visit the new “Transaction History” tab in My Cards to see a full listing of all transactions that have been paired or assigned to an expense. Click on “View Expense” to see the expense it has been assigned to.

General Ledger Syncing Status

syncing icons


We’re making it simple to resolve general ledger syncing errors. If you run into an error with your general ledger syncing to TravelBank, you can now find and resolve the errors on your own in the “Reports” tab in Manage. We’ve added new status tags to help you identify which reports have pending, successful, or failed general ledger syncs. Additionally, an email will be sent to your organization’s finance team and any admins of the report to alert them of the sync failure.

Optional Expense Tab for Travel-Only Customers

For organizations using TravelBank for business travel booking and tracking only, the expense related tabs can now be hidden. This allows for a more streamlined and focused user experience for your travelers.