Product Release: Reno

TravelBank launches Hotels, LodgingX and Analytics Dashboard to deliver all-in-one expense and travel platform for users

Last May, the TravelBank team introduced in-app flight booking to further streamline the booking and expense process. In just twelve months, we’ve increased the number of new business users per month by 30x and are on track to reimburse over one million in expenses just this year.

Along the way, we’ve learned that:

To continue providing the best experience we possibly can, we’re kicking it up a notch by introducing Hotels.

Launching on Thursday, May 10, desktop users will have access to more than 500,000 hotel properties across the world, empowering them to book, manage, and expense their business travel all while being rewarded.

Now, not only will users earn points for beating their budget and booking their flight, they’ll also be able to earn even more points for booking a hotel – the average spend on hotels is 2-3x more than flights. For example,

All of these points are redeemable for personal use with rewards partners including Uber, Lyft, RedAwning, Gift Cards, and more.

Search results for hotels bookings platform on TravelBank desktop app.

As the modern travel, expense, and rewards app, we’re aware that users are shifting from traditional lodging like hotels to alternative lodging like Airbnb. As a result, we’re announcing LodgingX, a new sharing economy feature which will incentivize business travelers to book and expense their Airbnb, VRBO, or HomeAway stay, all while providing access to more than an additional 4 million properties worldwide.

Employees also have the option to indicate that they are staying with a friend or family, saving their company even more. Visit our FAQ page to learn more about LodgingX.

This marks a significant milestone for TravelBank, as it rounds out our corporate booking product. Now, users can book and expense their flight and lodging all in ONE easy-to-use platform.

In our path to delivering easy-to-use tools we’re also announcing the launch of our analytics dashboard, which will provide companies with valuable insights into their corporate travel spend. With airline, hotel, and LodgingX bookings captured in one place, companies can use the information TravelBank provides to help make better decisions about their spend moving forward, truly providing an all-in-one expense and travel solution for every business user.

Stay tuned for updates – the complete Hotels and LodgingX experience will be available in June 2018!