Product Release: Gettysburg

What’s New

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Navigate faster with our new menu, located at the top left of the camera and budget screens. Here you can access your expense reports, user settings, and more.

Contextual Switch
Easily access your trip budgets using the context switcher, located at the top of the camera and budget screens. Select a trip or local expenses to set your context as you use the app. Tap to add a new trip budget or switch to an existing one.

Push Notifications
Get live updates on everything from successfully pairing your photo receipts, to expense report approvals via push notifications.

Shake For Feedback
We love feedback. Shake your phone to capture a screenshot and send us feedback reports instantly. You can also email us with questions or comments at

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Manage all of your incoming, unassigned expenses at the top right of the camera. Tap transactions and email receipts, and assign them to budgets or local expenses.

Credit Card Sync
Add your credit or debit card account through the inbox. We’ll sync in transactions and pair them with your photo receipts.

Email Receipts
You can also forward your email receipts to and we’ll add them to the inbox.

Adding expenses is easier than ever. Simply snap a photo of your receipt and confirm the amount. From there you can complete the expense later or let our credit card sync pair it for you.

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Company and Department Ready
​Your whole company can now live in TravelBank. Create a department for each group in your company. We have a new Admin role at the company level, to control settings for your company’s TravelBank account. Each department has Managers to approve budgets and expense reports, while Finance Admins now exist to approve reimbursements.

** All existing Managers will be Admins, Managers and Finance Admins after the update. Please be sure to go into settings to create new Departments and setup your user’s roles.

New User Registration
It’s easier than ever for employees to join TravelBank. “Department codes” are a thing of the past. Just have your users download TravelBank and sign up using their company email address. We’ll automatically add them to your organization for you and they can join their department all by themselves.

Questions? We are here for you.

Contact us anytime for support, questions or feedback on your experience using TravelBank. Send feedback through the app (remember, just shake your phone to send us a screenshot) or email us at

We are here for you.
Contact us anytime for support, questions or feedback on your experience using TravelBank. Send feedback through the app or email us at
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