6 Tips for Staying Happy, Healthy and Productive While Working From Home

Work from home was an increasingly popular work environment, but now with COVID-19 concerns, most companies have gone completely remote. The experience of working remotely in the midst of a pandemic has proven more stressful and unusual, motivating businesses to find creative ways to keep their workforce running.

Here at TravelBank, we have filled our Marketplace, which formerly house incredible and exclusive deals on all of the things a business traveler would need on a trip, with the products, services, and solutions that our own team and partners have found invaluable for powering their remote work environment. Read our employees 6 tips for staying happy, healthy, and productive at home below, then checkout the exclusive offers for these items in the TravelBank Marketplace.

Coffee infused with an immune boost keeps me running.

“I start my day on East coast hours, but have coworkers still reaching out to me on West coast hours in the afternoon and during my evening. Calendar blocks are great for communicating my availability, and on the long days coffee keeps me running. Lately I’ve been drinking Wildcrafter’s Immune Shield blend for an extra boost. I thought the packaging was so beautiful that I ordered a few extra bags of ground coffee to give to my mom and mother in law on Mother’s Day to let them know I’m thinking of them while we’re all stuck at home.” – Tiffany, Director of Digital Marketing

Exercise apps keep my fitness routine going at home.

“The FitBod app has been a complete lifesaver. With all the COVID craziness, I’ve felt a bit lost and have missed my exercise routine. I found out about the app through the TravelBank MarketPlace and it has gotten me back on track working towards my fitness goals!” – Skyler, Account Executive

I send little gifts to let them know I’m thinking about them.

“With everything going on, I’ve been more forgetful than usual. A close relative’s birthday was a day away and I had forgotten to send a card or gift. I found Bake Me a Wish on Marketplace and used the overnight shipping and promo code to get 4 chocolate cupcakes delivered directly to my uncle’s door. Everything fell into place in less than 24 hours and he absolutely loved the treats.” – Ashleigh, Art Director

Sometimes it’s possible to bring the travel experience home.

“As an East coast employee, my role at TravelBank requires me to be on the road pretty frequently as many of our customers and our HQ are in San Francisco. Since COVID, I haven’t had the luxury to get on a plane and order my favorite Peet’s Coffee when I touch down. We recently added Peet’s to our Marketplace and now I get whole beans delivered to my door, brew my own Peet’s Iced Mocha, and enjoy my coworkers through video conferencing. Best of both coasts!” – Corey, Customer Success Manager

I love having a great shared experience with my kids.

“Like many working parents that are juggling working from home with full-time homeschooling, I am constantly striving to find new and interesting educational experiences to do with my kids. I came across Citrus.com, and it was perfect. My daughter devours fruit; she especially loves oranges. I thought it would be a great experience for our children to see the full cycle of how fruit grows, and help us tend to our growing garden collection. We got the tree a few weeks ago, and my son helped us plant it. We are still learning how to take care of it, but it’s been a fun experience. My daughter loves watering the tree, sometimes a little too much. We are all looking forward to some sweet homegrown minneola oranges later this year!” – Iris, Head of Business Operations

Paying for things has never been easier.

“Not only has Brex been an amazing partner to work with, but their product has made my life substantially easier, especially in these unprecedented times. I can “set and forget” my Brex card on all my recurring business expenses, from my wifi hotspot to Amazon gift cards for customer research sessions. I never have to reach for my wallet for one-off purchases like WFH software licenses, since the virtual card is always accessible online, and I’ve even added it to my Google Pay to safely make in-person purchases in our increasingly “contactless” physical world.” – Barry