Hotel Corporate Codes 2023: How to Get the Best Hotel Deals with Corporate Codes in 2023

Did you know that the estimated global business travel spend is over 900 billion U.S. dollars? This figure is projected to rise to 1.47 trillion dollars by 2026. As a business travel expense manager, you’re always looking for ways to minimize travel expenses on hotel accommodation, food, and transport whenever you or your employees travel.

Hotel corporate codes can help you cut down on business travel expenses whilst enjoying premium accommodation. But how can you find hotel corporate codes? How can you use them? What benefits do they bring? In this article, we’ll answer all these questions and take a closer look at how to get the best hotel corporate codes in 2023.

What Are Hotel Corporate Codes?

Hotel corporate codes are exclusive discounts negotiated between hotels and companies. Essentially, these codes come in the form of alphanumeric digits. For the most part, corporate codes for hotels are not available to the general public. And unlike hotel discounts, corporate codes are designed for employees of a particular company – and not for the general public.

The core purpose of negotiating hotel corporate codes is cost savings. Eligible employees, associates, and other authorized personnel enjoy reduced rates when traveling for business travel. On average, hotel corporate codes can help businesses save anywhere between 10% to 50% off on the lowest publicly available rate.

Corporate codes for hotels are a more popular cost-saving option for larger companies with more employees traveling on a regular basis. Think companies such as IBM, Microsoft, Ericsson Inc., and Coca-Cola, among others. Similarly, you will often find hotel corporate codes in large hotel chains, such as Hilton and Accor Hotels.

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Who is Eligible for Hotel Corporate Codes?

The terms of use for a particular hotel corporate code may vary depending on company and hotel policies. Generally speaking, only employees of the company or its associates are authorized to use its negotiated rates. Other eligible persons may include:

It is worth pointing out that on most occasions, the general public may use hotel corporate codes. However, the hotel’s management is entitled to check whether you are eligible as one of the listed categories above. 

When that happens, you can prove your eligibility to use your company’s discounted rates by providing your business card, corporate ID, or other relevant document.

Using Hotel Corporate Codes

Major companies negotiate for discounted rooms at major hotels. The discount rate depends largely on how much business the company can bring the hotel in the given year.

On the flip side, determining how hotel corporate codes should be used is not always straightforward. On one end, hotels and their management advocate for using these codes for business travel-related purposes. On the other end, some hotels will still allow their guests to leverage the negotiated discounts for personal travel.

For Business-Related Purposes

Most major hotel chains have their corporate codes designed for business travelers. 

These codes can be used by the employee at any of the hotel’s properties around the world. What’s more, many hotels that offer discounted rates will allow guests to accrue points through loyalty programs. 

To get access to corporate codes for hotels, employees need to contact the company’s travel department or human resources department. Internal communication channels, e.g. the company’s Slack channel, or other internal documents may also contain details of the negotiated corporate codes. Additionally, you can check third-party websites to find the hotel’s respective corporate codes.

For Personal Travel

Although hotel corporate codes are typically reserved for business travelers, you can still use your company’s code when traveling on personal business. The terms and conditions, in this case, may vary by hotel. Some hotel staff are strict on verifying the guest’s eligibility at check-in.

On the bright side, many hotels are not as strict. Such hotels allow corporate guests to spend their nights at discounted rates, even while traveling for leisure. This brings mutual benefits for both the hotel, the company, and the corporate guests. The hotel gets more business from more visits, the company gets closer to its promised room occupancy, and the corporate guest gets discounted rates.

In essence, how hotel corporate codes can be used depends on the hotel policy and the terms of the agreement with your company.

What’s Included in Hotel Corporate Code?

Hotel corporate codes grant access to exclusive deals and discounts, often in the form of reduced rates for business-related types of stays. The exact details of each corporate code vary depending on the hotel chain. But, they typically include discounted room rates alongside other perks.

That said, here’s a brief list of what may be included in a hotel’s discounted rates:

Again, such room perks and benefits largely depend on negotiations with individual hotels. It also depends on the volume of business that the company brings to the hotel.

How to Find Hotel Corporate Codes and Discounts

Finding hotel corporate codes usually isn’t too difficult if you know where to look. They’re displayed on third-party travel guide websites. Sometimes though, one has to dig around to get the best rates and compare them with the publicly available rates. 

Here’s how to find hotel corporate codes and discounts:

1. Talk to the Hotel Management Directly

First, you should check with your hotel to see if they offer any discounts through corporate codes. Many hotels and hotel chains have a list of businesses that they work with. The associated discount codes are usually available on their website.

What’s more, talking directly with the hotel’s management enables you to negotiate better terms – if you do not already have an arrangement with your preferred hotel. Business travel expense managers can expect to negotiate bulk discounts for their employees, depending on the size of the company and the volume of business it can bring to the hotel.

2. Consult With a Travel Management Platform

Travel management platforms like TravelBank stay ahead of the best business travel expense management tips. Some hotels may have partnerships with travel management platforms that can help you find the right hotel corporate codes and other exclusive deals. As such, they’re a viable place to start if you’re looking for travel savings opportunities and don’t have the time to search for or negotiate multiple hotel corporate codes on your own. 

A travel management platform is an online service that allows users to plan for travel, book, and manage their business trips and expenses all in one place. Such platforms provide access to exclusive deals and discounts as well as a variety of features that make it easier to stay on top of your spending.

3. Shop Around

When looking for hotel corporate discounts on your own, it pays to compare prices and services between different hotels. Different hotels and companies negotiate different terms and prices. It is advisable to take the time to research different options before booking. That way, you can save yourself money and get more value for your dollar.

Start by looking at all the major travel sites. Compare the publicly available prices. You may also check the services and amenities and any special offers like discounts or loyalty programs that may be available. Once you’ve narrowed down your choices, compare each hotel’s specific corporate codes against the lowest publicly available rates.

The essence of shopping around is to find more attractive discounts than the publicly available rates. Remember, hotel corporate codes don’t come equal. Hotels may choose to provide the code directly to the company or display it on their website. 

In this case, you can find the code on the hotel’s website under “Corporate Account” or a similar field where the code can be entered.

4. Negotiate Your Own Hotel Corporate Rates

If you can’t find suitable hotel corporate codes, you can always negotiate new agreements with your preferred hotel group. Hotels are often willing to offer discounted rates for companies that have a high volume of travelers staying with them. To get started, contact the hotel directly and:

Once you’ve established a relationship with the hotel, they might be willing to lower their prices even further if they know they can count on consistent business from your company.

Hotel Corporate Codes for Small Businesses

Regardless of the business size, many hotels will go above and beyond to ensure that their corporate guests are well taken care of. With hotel corporate codes, small businesses can also take advantage of discounted rates on rooms, meals, and other amenities to reduce their business travel spend. 

Here are some of the benefits of using hotel corporate codes for small businesses:

Besides, using corporate codes is a great way for small businesses to build relationships with individual hotels. 


Are Corporate Codes Always The Best Rate?

While they can offer significant discounts, it is worth noting that some corporate codes may still cost more than the standard nightly rate. As such, it is important to compare and contrast the available rates to ensure you are getting the biggest bang for your buck. 

For instance, Marriott has an Explore Rate that could provide better savings than some hotel corporate codes. In short, before relying solely on a corporate code for business travel expenses, make sure you do your research and explore all potential discounts or deals available. You may be surprised by what you find!

Is it Possible to Use Corporate Codes At All Hotels?

Using corporate codes at all hotels should be possible, but it depends on the hotel. Some hotel chains are more likely to accept corporate codes than others, and individual hotels may also have their own policies in place regarding corporate codes.

In order to use a corporate code at a hotel, you will first need to find out if they allow them. You can do this by calling the front desk or visiting the hotel’s website. If corporate codes are accepted, you will usually be required to present proof of your company’s affiliation before being able to take advantage of the discounted rate.


In conclusion, corporate codes can be a great way to get the most out of your hotel stay. With these codes, you can save money while also enjoying exclusive amenities and services that would otherwise not be available. However, it is important to do your research in order to find the best rate and additional benefits. 

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Q: How can I obtain hotel corporate codes in 2023?

A: First, contact the hotel directly and inquire about their corporate discounts. They may have special rates and codes available. Many hotels work with companies to provide exclusive discounts to their corporate customers through corporate codes. It’s worth asking if your company has any such arrangements in place. If your company uses a travel management platform, like TravelBank, they will procure these codes on behalf of all their customers and the associated discounts should already be available to you when booking travel on their platform.

Q: Are hotel corporate codes valid for all hotel chains?

A: Corporate codes are typically valid for stays at hotels within a particular chain, not all hotel chains. For example, if you have a Marriott corporate code, it will only be valid at Marriott-branded hotels. This is because the discounts are negotiated specifically with each individual brand, meaning different discounts may be available between different brands.

Q: Can I use hotel corporate codes for personal bookings?

A: While some companies may allow their employees to use the corporate codes for personal travel purposes, this is generally not recommended. The corporate code is meant to be used for business travel and using it for personal purposes could be seen as a breach of trust.

Q: How can I maximize savings when using hotel corporate codes?

A: There are several ways to maximize savings with hotel corporate codes. First, research the discounts available to you and select the best one for your needs. If your company does not use a travel management platform for booking travel, be sure to book directly through the hotel or an online travel agency that offers deep discounts on corporate hotel stays. Ask if they offer any additional incentives or loyalty programs that you can take advantage of as well.