9 Ways to Use TravelBank Rewards Points

Travel may be in a lull but that doesn’t mean your TravelBank Rewards points need to sit around collecting dust! We’ve added more redemption options to the Rewards Store, offering you more ways to use your rewards points now or later.

Wait, what are TravelBank Rewards?

The TravelBank rewards program is a great way to incentivize employees to make better spending decisions and maximize savings on business trips. It allows the company to split a percentage of the savings (however much the employee came in under their trip budget) with the employee, and employees thus treat their trip budget like they would their own money.

Learn more about our rewards program and why it will ultimately save your company money.

9 Ways to Use Your TravelBank Rewards Points, Now or Later

Purchase Your Essentials from Amazon

Amazon is known for being a one stop shop for nearly everything you need. If you’re still not frequently grocery stores, you can redeem your TravelBank rewards points for an Amazon.com gift card and purchase a delivery order from Whole Foods. Or a fashionista favorite: use your rewards points to fund your next Shopbop purchase through Amazon. Starting a new DIY project or eyeing a new workout routine? You can turn your rewards points into endless possibilities through Amazon.

Book an Airbnb and Get Away (Finally!)

If you have accumulated a stockpile of TravelBank rewards points, you’re a certified road warrior and taking this much time off from travel has probably left you feeling antsy. We could all use a break about now, and while many cities and states are still struggling to reopen safely, you could turn your rewards points into an Airbnb gift card and book a weekend getaway somewhere quiet and refreshing. Think: a sun-faded beach house on the Eastern shore or a quaint cabin near a national park.

Make a Charitable Donation

Did you realize you could turn your TravelBank Rewards into a charitable donation with a Charity on Top gift card? This can be a great way to contribute to the organizations effecting change for social justice and equality if your employer has not already offered to fund or match donations. Charity on Top currently offers around 1.8 million charities to choose from, including local chapters of national organizations like Black Lives Matter.

Order Delivery for a Date Night In

You may not be booking rides with Uber just yet, but turn your TravelBank Rewards points in an Uber gift card and you can order your favorite takeout via the UberEats app! We’ve also added Doordash to the Rewards Store giving you access to order from even more restaurants in your area. So whether it’s a lunch special to power you through your day or a special delivery for a date night in, you can now turn your rewards points into a delicious meal. And who doesn’t love that?

Listen to Your New Favorite Book

Have you ever tried Audible? Whether you’re a longtime fan of listening to books, or ready to give it a try for the first time, your TravelBank Rewards points can be redeemed for an Audible gift card. So hunker down and make your way through a reading list like The New York Times Summer Reading Book Review until you find your new favorite book.

Or Find Your New Binge Obsession

If you prefer TV over books in your free time, you’re still golden. You can now redeem your rewards points for a Hulu gift card and start a new subscription or pay for your existing one. Rotten Tomatoes has you covered with a list of the Best Hulu Shows and Movies to Binge-Watch Now.

Pull Double Duty on Early Morning Calls with Panera Breakfast

Known by road warriors for their reliable wifi and relatively healthy reststop dining options, Panera still makes a great option for your TravelBank Rewards. Redeem your points for a Panera gift card and order breakfast to-go so you can fuel up on coffee and food for the day, even on days when the meetings begin early. Or order the “you pick two” deal for a quick and delicious lunch option.

Give Yourself a Spa Treatment to Look Forward To

Redeem a Spaweek.com gift card in the TravelBank Rewards store and book yourself a spa treatment as spas and salons begin to re-open with safety measures. Spaweek has a large and comprehensive directory of businesses offering everything from massages and facials to salons and fitness studios at over 30,000 locations nationwide. A relaxing treatment could be exactly what you need to look forward to.

Score a Pair of Tickets

If your area has reopened, you could turn your rewards points into a ticket to a sporting event or concert with Stubhub or movie tickets with AMC Theaters. If your area is still phasing open businesses, you could book a future event or bookmark one in the future.